Myriam Leforestier: Who am I?

Hello! I’m Myriam. Welcome to my Travel Photography page!

A first country abroad visited at 7 years old
A first camera at 10 years old
A lifetime of travel photography

About me:

My name is Myriam Leforestier, I was born and raised in France. At 19 years old I left my dear Country to live in Spain then the USA. I don’t move around anywhere without a camera in my bag or pocket! I am based in the Netherlands since early 2000, and I also have a photography business established here since 2005, realizing wedding and outdoor photoshoots. In my photo studio in the Netherlands, I capture smiles.

As an avid mostly solo traveler, I strive to create extraordinary memories of people, places, wildlife and cultures around the world. I am completely hit by wanderlust! Throughout the years, I have been using any free time available outside a regular corporate job to visit the wonderful world we live in, with my dear backpack full of patches. I absolutely love to travel, but I also love to return home. I go to places and/or countries I haven’t been to. Sometimes I do return to some of them, though… I have visited 92 countries so far!
In 2019 have proudly reached the Platinum level in the frequent flyer program of KLM/Air France (SkyTeam Alliance). I am always planning and looking forward to the next trip!

As the travel inspirations came from my Mother since I was a little child, I like to travel with her once per year to mostly a country where both of us haven’t been, we create memories together. ?

Travel and Photography are an evidence to me. I travel for my eyes and always back up my travels with photography, without filters nor presets. I bring you unique experiences in this world through my eyes with authentic photographs. Check out my world travel map ! I am sharing through pictures places I have visited, and as of now, kilometers of films and files need some sorting out 🙂 I am looking forward to sharing the wonderful and memorable places I have been to, the hidden gems I encountered, hoping it will inspire you to see the beautiful world we live in! Everywhere I go, I also immortalize street litter bins, reminding us to travel responsibly. See my collection here.


  • Exhibition in Hanoi, Vietnam, 2021
  • New Exhibited picture in a Gurushots Photo digital gallery in Barcelona ! 15-17 January, 2021
  • PUBLISHED on, Incredible Architecture Challenge – October 2020
  • PUBLISHED in PARADISE GLOBE Photo Catalog – April 2020
  • New Exhibited picture in a Gurushots Photo digital gallery in Berlin ! 17-19 April, 2020
    “Powerful Lighting”
  • I have been exhibited in Lisbon in a Gurushots Photo digital exhibition! 21-23 February, 2020
    “Photographer of the Year”
  • One of my pictures selected as wildlife photo of the day Sept 22, 2019
  • This website is recommended as a blog to follow in 2019 by Feedspot
  • One of my picture has been selected as Stunning entry by Global Photography in the National Geographic Nature Photographer of the Year 2016 ContestNational Geographic NaturePhotographeroftheyear2016
  • One of my pictures has been selected by National Geographic Latin America on their Instagram account and on their Facebook page

Former National Geographic YourShot member (platform discontinued)


The camera is to the Photographer what the pen is to the Writer: a tool to express a vision ~ (c) Myriam Leforestier



  1. Throughout your website, I am awestruck at the high quality of not just your posts, but the photography. I am an avid reader of the National Geographic therefore will look out for your photos in future.
    Fantastic Website

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