Belgium: take a walk in the enchanted forest of Hallerbos

Have you ever been to an enchanted forest? well…. they do exist, I’m telling you! and there is one just by Brussels in Belgium. It’s called Hallerbos, and it is an absolute jewel!ย  go in the Spring during the bluebell season. The forest is covered by wild bluebell carpets, and if you are courageous enough to go there very early in the morning, you will highly be rewarded by its beauty.

I actually went this year in 2021, on May 1st, and it was my first trip “abroad” from the Netherlands since this whole terrible world situation. I got up at 3 a.m for a day trip and I was there at 5.30a.m, finding my way in the dark to get to the center of the forest. What a delightful morning! and a great way to avoid the crowds and photographers.

Judge by yourself, see some of my pictures of this enchanted forest (scroll down for a video with sound!):



and now, with sound….:

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  1. Beautiful pictures.

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