Brazil: discover Olinda, the picturesque colonial gem of north-east Brazil

I’ve seen quite a few colonial towns in south/central america, but Olinda is definitely a gem of a town !

Its houses full of colors, its old churches, its art scenes, its carnival culture…. make that when reaching the end of a street by daytime or nighttime, you always wonder what is hiding into the next. It is such a pretty and well preserved town, just 6km from the city of Recife, the 4th largest city in Brazil. You can see its skyline from Olinda!

No wonder is is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It’s definitely worth a stop and spending a few nights, to embrace the nightlife and wander around the streets during the day. The best would be to go at Carnival time! and book in advance as the accomodations get booked early for that event.

My pictures of Olinda:

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  1. Les belles couleurs ! Un remède à la morosité !

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