Norway: chase Northern Lights in the Arctic

It was the third night I was trying to chase northern lights, running after a Dream.

Can you guess how desperate you can feel, when you are in the capital of the arctic, at a time that is supposed to be good to see Auroras,…. and the only thing you see as you are standing at night in the cold, is a bare opening in the clouds just showing a few stars? (apart from your wallet getting thinner)

It had been snowing since the day I arrived in Tromsø, except on that 2nd Sunday  March 2020. I kept on meeting people who were showing me pictures of “their” northern lights, with a huge smile on their face. I was looking at the sky, thinking it was looking clear for the night hunt.

Ehhhhhhhh, on that 3rd night, despite a forecast of 100% cloud coverage and thanks to the local experts, we took the ferry from Tromso and ended up in Lyngseidet, where we stopped on the side on the road, and there they were… dancing in front of our eyes ?.

Suddenly, my feet stopped dancing and forgot how cold it was then. I watched, and almost forgot to click that precious moment that my eyes couldn’t get enough of.

Whaaaaat !!! yes yes. I saw them, I got a few pictures.

After 10 minutes, they were gone. And never came back. I’ve seen the Northern Lights. Not quite as I had imagined the moment, but… I’ve seen the Northern Lights. They were beautiful ??

Check ?

One day, I will go hunt for more…

My pictures of the northern lights:

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