Chile: imagine the beauty of the Pan de Azúcar National Park

A friend and I had selected to visit the Pan de Azúcar National Park in the Atacama desert in Chile, as our research showed it looked so beautiful.

So on a trip to Chile early May 2015, we rented a car and drove around throughout the north of the country, on our way to Bolivia. What we didn’t know, is that Mother Nature played around and the region had been hit a few weeks before by some heavy floods, leaving close to 800 people homeless. We were advised somewhere on the road that the park must have been closed. We couldn’t find any information online and we decided to give it a shot as we had rented a 4×4 vehicle. The village of Chañaral was being cleaned up, there was mud everywhere.. it was quite impressive. We went to the Pan de Azucar, it looked open, but there was no one…. we parked the car and luckily someone passed by as we were hanging by the sea side, and we could rent one of the accommodations just in front of the park for the night. There was no electricity… we spent the night there and the next day in the park. It was surprising. Not what we expected, but the views became unusual due to the heavy flooding. Many roads were unfortunately closed as they collapsed, so we saw only a very small portion of the park. Nevertheless it was a wonderful experience and we had the park just for ourselves! Who else can say that? 😉

The  colors of the pictures are authentic due to the poor weather and flooding, there are no filters, I never use filters. I’ve added a few pictures of Chañaral as well.

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  1. Great collection that tells a great story! Thanks for sharing, Myriam!

  2. Les couleurs des photos sont sublimes !

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