Netherlands: see this old church converted into a bookstore in Maastricht

This 700 year old church has been converted into a bookstore. It is a project that was developed by the architectural firm Merkx + Girod in 2005. The structure of the church has been fully preserved, and it is a quite intriguing bookstore, initially part of the bookstore chain Selexyz until its bankrupcy in 2013. It is now an independant bookstore called “Boekhandel Dominicanen”, and it is labeled to be one the most beautiful bookshop in the world.

The gothic style church, called the Dominicanenkerk, was originally built in the XIII century and was dedicated to St. Paul. It can be found close to the Vrijthof square in the center of Maastricht.

Take a look! and don’t miss this church converted into a bookstore if you are in Maastricht, NL !

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  1. Fantastic. Reading is a religious experience, if you read word by word, nay, letter by letter, for a well read man is called a man of letters, not a man of books. ( Ala John Ruskin.)

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