Costa Rica: make a wild stop at the crocodile bridge over the Tarcoles river

On the west coast of Costa Rica in the Puntarenas province, you can stop on a crocodile bridge over the Tárcoles river. But beware! don’t get blinded by the beautiful view, the Tárcoles river is…. FULL of crocodiles…

I was driving with a friend and we stopped there as we were on our way to the Carara National Park. There were a few dozens of american crocodiles, which can get as long as 4 meters/13 feet ! so really… don’t fall over that bridge… you wouldn’t last long. Don’t feel brave either, unless you are Crocodile Dundee claiming pura vida exploits, don’t venture to walk to the side of the river to get a closer look at those reptiles.

Some pictures from the crocodile bridge and the Tarcoles river:

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  1. I also stopped on this bridge on my way to Jaco. At first I didn’t see the crocodiles but a group of excited people sanding in the middle of the bridge, showing an excitement that the landscape alone didn’t justify.

  2. From the road, I couldn’t see the river, only the people in the middle of the bridge. Out of curiosity I stopped to go and see, I started by taking pictures of the landscape on the opposite side, then I crossed the bridge, and there I understood … ?

  3. Good to know! I’ve got to stop there next time I visit.

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