Cuba: walk on the beautiful Ancon Beach by Trinidad

Playa Ancรณn (Ancon Beach) was the answer to the question asked to locals for a beautiful beach close-by. The best around! according to them. Indeed it was just 12km away from the city. It was a nice white sand beach with pristine water, so for a bit of chilling time, it’s great when in the area of Trinidad. The beach was very much empty as well…. so it seems all the tourists were in the North of the country during mid-November? A great place to have long walks on the beach at that time of the year, if like me, you love beautiful landscapes but don’t like to sit hours on the beach ๐Ÿ˜‰

Pictures of the Ancon Beach:

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  1. These beaches look perfect! Thanks for sharing and keep up the great content.

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