Cuba: go on an adventure with the Hershey train

I like trains. Old trains. There’s this kind of feeling when you take them, it transports you to other dimensions. So when I travel, I try to look for old or local trains to take.

The Hershey train in Cuba is likely to break down, just like it did when I took it from Matanzas, originally to Havana.  This electrical train built in the early 1900’s just stopped in the middle of nowhere, leaving its passengers in between fields of cows. Somehow I managed to find a bus to another village with the help of a local, from where I took a crowded bus to Havana.  The train has very few tourists, and locals are carrying pretty much anything they can carry, even though it’s forbidden to carry any bicycles and live animals. With 3 trains per day, it stops in tiny little stations, locals are friendly, the views are beautiful, and I had the best burgers for a few pesos cubanos at the Hershey station!

The Hershey train ride normally takes 3 to 4 hours, and it is definitely something to experience!

The Hershey train experience in pictures:

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