Czech Republic: see the astonishing dancing house in Prague

I guess you have heard about the dancing house in Prague? a veryyyyyy instagrammable place. It was impossible to take a proper picture during day time on a weekend day without people taking all kinds of positions with this piece of architecture.  I’ve been asked to move, got annoyed and came back in the early morning and in the evening when there were less people. Prague has become (well, that is, just before the pandemic), so crowded it was crazy. I had been the first time in the early 2000’s and I went back in February 2020 and it was a huge difference. It was… crowded. I mean, crowded.

Anyway, this house was designed in 1992 and was finished building in 1996 on the riverfront. It was designed by a croatian architect Vlado Miluni? together with a canadian architect Frank Gehry . The building was originally called Fred & Ginger (for Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers, the legendary dance pair !). In front of the dancing house, there is a statue of Alois Jirasek.

What’s inside? well check it out !! it is office buildings, a restaurant and… a hotel ! this is the link . There is a sightseeing terrace on top where you can have a beautiful view on the Prague Castle and Charles Bridge.

The Prague dancing house in pictures:

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