Czech Republic: see the Lennon Wall in Prague

I didn’t know there was a John Lennon Wall when I visited Prague the first time, back for New Year 2005. So when I visited Prague again in January 2020, I went there. Prague had changed a lot in 15 years, it was crowded everywhere, and by the Lennon wall it was no different than from the rest of the city center. Still I managed to get some shots… expectations vs. reality… but I must say I didn’t stay long there. I don’t like crowded places.

This wall exists since the 1960’s and was used to express political messages and griefs against communism. Since the 1980’s it’s called the Lennon wall after the assassination, and it gets regularly covered with new paintings, graffiti’s, love poems & freedom messages.

See below my pictures of the Lennon wall in Praha:

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