France: respect the most colorful street (rue Crémieux) of Paris

You can find the “rue Crémieux“, the most colorful street of Paris, in the 12th arrondissement of Paris. A friend of mine took me there last year, then I found out it was the most instagrammable street of Paris. Luckily I was there in November, and it was quiet, apart from a professional photoshoot going on.

It clearly says photos, videos, and noise are not allowed. Hey.. there are people living there, you know?  yet the gram is full of pictures all over.  I can’t say I didn’t take any either, it’s a very pleasant street, but it’s not as colorful as the internet shows, those pictures out there are way over saturated!

So if you go to Paris, pass by there, be quiet, be respectful and act as if you were in any other street (providing you travel responsibly!) The street is quite small and there’s a trash at the other end…

A few pictures of this famous colorful street:

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  1. Que de souvenirs !!
    Et la ligne de RER C jusqu’au bout du bout ??

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