Netherlands: check out this unique floating bicycle roundabout in Eindhoven

It’s an elevated bicycle roundabout in Eindhoven, yes, just for bikes! and above the road. It’s called the Hovenring. It was built in 2011 as the intersection underneath was extremely busy. I remember that, as I used to live 100m from there until 2003. The area grew rapidly and this unique cable stayed bridge of 1000 tons of steel structure was built to relieve traffic. The central pole is 70 meter high and it has 24 steel cables.

If you are in the Eindhoven area, check it out! you can bike on it, or walk (stay on the sides! bikes do go fast), that’s what I did to take the pictures below. As being in the Dutch city of light, it gets illuminated at night too.

Pretty? check out some pictures of this Hovenring elevated bicycle roundabout: by day and by night!

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