Iceland: meet adorable animals in Heimaey island

There are animals in Heimaey island! Heimaey is a lovely volcanic island in the South of Iceland, accessible by ferry. It is the largest island in the Vestmannaeyjar archipelago.

Well, some animals are real and some are not…..

The real animals in Heimaey island:

While hiking up the volcanic island, I had a local icelandic sheep encounter. They were all wet due to the rain and they kept on staring. I love the result in pictures:

I also really wanted to see puffins.. but the season hadn’t really started yet, it was right in the middle of april. So I went to the Sæheimar aquarium, as they have rescued ones. Meet Toti! Toti is a 5 years old rescued puffin (that was in 2016) and he’s the cutest thing ever! and sooooo soft !

The no real animals in Heimaey island: elephant rock!

There is a rock in the shape of an elephant on this island.. the view is beautiful ! taken during a very rainy day. Can you spot the elephant?

landscape view of the elephant rock and surroundings in Heimaey island in Icelandthere is a rock in Iceland in Heimaey iceland with the shape of an elephant

There are probably more but that’s all animal life or shape I got to see during my visit to Heimaey island.

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