Iceland: don’t miss the surprising blue lagoon

I had heard so many times about the Blue Lagoon in Iceland, that my first stop had to be there. You need to book your visit online. I went there after picking up a car from the airport, taking the basic package. Ahhhhhhh it was cold ! (well not in the water of course, those are hot springs!), and it was crowded.

I suppose, that no matter how many tourists there are, this is a stop to make. Would you go to Paris and not go see the Eiffel Tower? well.

Despite the crowd, I enjoyed the lagoon, especially outside the touristic area, and that, just that, was definitely worth the detour….As the sun was going down in this month of April, the color of the lake started to change and it started to look like a lake of milk….

Judge by yourself! pictures of the Blue Lagoon:

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