Iceland: see the main scene of the Njals saga in Bergþórshvoll

Have you heard of the Njals saga ??
It is a 13th century icelandic saga that tells historical stories of the 10th, 11th and 12th century. ?
While driving in Iceland with a friend, we stopped at this turf house (semi underground house with a grassy roof) in Bergþórshvoll, which happened to be at the main scene of Njáls saga book, where the farm of Njáll Þorgeirsson was burnt down in 1011. We ended up staying in the guesthouse there, and visited the farm.

The sign says:

“This is one of the main scenes of the action of Njals saga. It is here that Njall and his family are burned in their house.

This was the home of Njall Porgeirsson and his wife Bergpora-Skarpheoinsdottir. Their sons were Skarphedinn, Grimur and Helgi. They also had three daughters: Helga, Porgerour and another who is not named in the saga. Njall and his wife also brought up his illegitimate son Hoskuldur, and Hoskuldur Prainsson, who later became Hvitanesgooi. (A gooi was a religious and political leader.)

The burning of Njall’s farm took place in the autumn of 1011. Eleven people were killed in the attack that was carried out by about a hundred men led by Flosi Pordarson from Svinafell and the Oraefi distric. The burning is one of the most famous events related in the Icelandic sagas. It is also mentioned in the historical compilation Landnamabok (the Book of Settlements). Kari Solmundarson, Njall’s son-in-law, escaped alive and avenged the victims ruthlessly, after which full reconciliation was reached. “

Some pictures of the Njals saga location:

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