India: the Versova beach in Mumbai was once a massive garbage dump

I was shocked by the status of the Versova beach in Mumbai in 2011. Plastic, clothes, garbage everywhere… it was soooo sad. I normally pick up plastic when I find some on a beach, but the amount there was so huge…

As I was looking through my pictures, I checked the status of this beach, which was one of the dirtiest beaches in the world.ย  I have been happily surprised to read that the BEACH HAS BEEN CLEANED UP. It seems to be now enjoyable to go there, 9000 tons of trash have been picked up, and baby turtles have been seen making their way on this beach this year. Read the article here ! It made my day. KUDOS to Afroz Shah, the man who undertook this action, and to the volunteers! It took 2 years to clean this beach… Shah was awarded the ‘Champion of the Earth’ award by the United Nations.

Please don’t litter. Anywhere. Ever.

The Versova beach in Mumbai before the clean-up:

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