Italy: avoid the crowds in Venice

As a traveler, don’t you feel sometimes in between two worlds? when everything around you seems is good but not quite enough… You talk with your friends, you explain them how much you love to travel… they are happy for you, but you end up switching subject, gazing for some minutes, because you feel you need something else: something they can’t give you, no matter how much you love them, and only you can find it out there, either at the other end of the world discovering new places and cultures, or even just around the corner. You feel you are somewhat misunderstood, you just need to fly away – and that second you step into that plane, you start feeling energized again.

That was me that December.  As I am not a Christmas guru, as I am not fan of crowds and as I like to travel alone, I decided to book a flight to have my own little get together with myself, and flew to Venice for Christmas.

Best decision e-v-e-r.

I really wanted to go to Venice for a long time, but always heard that the streets are sooo packed, that there are tourists everywhere…

For that escape of a few days, I had the streets almost for myself. I had a massive camera attack, I was drawn by the beauty of the City! I wandered by the canals, I got lost more than once, I took a boat to Murano, I enjoyed the Christmas midnight mass in the San Marco basilica, I gave food to the needy on Christmas day, and mostly, I reconnected with myself and piled up all the needed energy to start the new year.

Grazie mille, bella Venezia.

PS: did you know Venice is a UNESCO World Heritage Site?

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  1. Voir Venise et mourir ! C’est une ville pleine de mystère avec toutes ses ruelles labyrinthiques. Le seul bémol c’est la foule.

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