Macedonia: be the only tourist at the Duvalo Volcano by Kosel

How we ended up by the Duvalo volcano:

During one of my travels with Mom in Macedonia, we decided to take the first bus from Ohrid to an unknown destination, just to see where we would end up.

We got off the bus in a village named Kosel, and followed a woman with some kids to a lovely chapel up a little hill.ย  After a bunch of smiles as only means of communication, we went back to the main road, and we saw a sign of a volcano.

A volcano? in Macedonia? Yes, it’s called the Duvalo volcano.

Just 100m off the road, there is a mini crater with mini fumes and it smells sulfur.

Want to see an active volcano without a single tourist? well… there you go ๐Ÿ™‚

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