Mexico: wander through the charming old center of Oaxaca

Nothing was on my planning when I visited Oaxaca in Mexico, and that was good, because…

I had just arrived the night before from a few hours bus ride from Puebla, where I… obviously ate something wrong. The joys of traveling! That doesn’t happen to me often, but there, I spent the night really ill. Where was the woman ready to conquer the world, or shall I say just Mexico at that moment, when she took that flight over the Atlantic?

I was weak, tired, and I dragged myself outside my hostel to see and enjoy the city of Oaxaca. Its historic center is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. I wandered like a lost sheep… Luckily it wasn’t crowded, and it was such a charming city. I wandered around the whole day in the old center and it was very charming.

Those street pictures below reflect my mood of that day, but believe me, Oaxaca was the best cure ever!

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