Moldova: visit the Ciuflea Monastery in Chisinau

Just in the heart of Chisinau, there is a lovely blue monastery: the Ciuflea monastery, also called the Monastery of Saint Teodor Tiron.

It is really a beautiful piece of Russian architecture with 9 onion shape gold domes, and it is standing there since 1858. It is the youngest monastery in Moldova, but its church is the oldest of Chisinau.

I went there on a Sunday and saw a baptism, followed by a small wedding. Sunday is the day to see liturgy! It is really small inside the blue church, but you can get an idea of what it looks like from the pictures below. Many people light candles there!

Some of my pictures of the Ciuflea monastery:



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  1. I am always surprised to see the worshipers attending standing services in many Orthodox churches.

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