Namibia: don’t miss the largest canyon in Africa, the impressive Fish River Canyon

It is the largest canyon in Africa, and the second largest natural canyon in the world.. it is Fish River Canyon!

It is located in the South of Namibia, and it dries out in September, leaving narrow pools. You can see them on some of the pictures below, the pictures were taken at the end of november 2018.

It is 160km long, 27km wide and it can go as deep as 550 meters. Some rocks are 770 million years old! It is on the tentative list to be a UNESCO world heritage site.

It seems possible to do the hiking trail, which takes 4 to 5 days, but I didn’t do that, I only admired it on the safe paths around the Hobas viewpoint, where the views are absolutely magnificent!

See the beauty of the largest canyon in Africa :

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