Namibia: search for the cute Little Five in the Namib desert

You all heard about the Big Five, right? well in the Namib desert, there is… the Little Five ??

I went to search for those small animals with Living Desert Adventures from Swakopmund, they are really good at finding for those little creatures!

The Little Five consists of:

  1. the lizard ??
  2. the snake ??
  3. the gecko ??
  4. the chameleon ??
  5. the spider?

We got to see 4 out of 5! Just the spider was missing from the list… but there is the beautiful Tractrac bird! not to mention the views of the desert, which are amazing!

Just watch out where you walk, you don’t want to smash the little ones, and one of the snakes we saw (Peringuey’s Adder) is poisonous! The gecko also has magnificient colors, and the chamelon is the custest thing ever!

Some pictures of the Little Five search in the Namib desert:

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