United Kingdom: look for Nessie at the Loch Ness lake in Scotland

We all wonder if Nessie exists, right? we all want to be the one who saw her, emerging out of the Loch Ness lake…. well it didn’t happen to me, no matter how much I wished and called her.

There is no monster in the Loch Ness lake, there are …. Monters ! Vampires!! Suckers!!!

They’re tiny…
They’re annoying…
They sting…

They are called midges!

Those BEASTS attack you during the summer as you are quietly looking for Nessie…. you don’t need to look for them, they find YOU!

So if you want to go hunt for Nessie, it should not happen in the early morning nor in the early evening if you are there during the summer, because you might be attacked by a herd of sucking bugs.

I wish I had known that before hand…. Loch Ness, anyone?! ?

This is what you see while looking for Nessie…:

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  1. Nice low-light photos, only the monster is missing.

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