Netherlands: see the beautiful tulip fields by Lisse

Have you seen beautiful tulip fields? Living in the Netherlands for the past 20 years (almost), I have had many occasions to see them. When researching about those flower fields, you can find lots of information about Keukenhof. I went there, did find it expensive, saw tons of tulips… Yes, I do like flowers, but not to that extend, and it was full of tourists. I mean, super packed of tourists. The best is to wander around the area by Lisse around mid-April, preferably by car, and spot the tulip fields. Besides, it’s free!

Edit of 2021:ย  I have been again this year, this was a delightful day trip after all these months of lockdown in the Netherlands. While the first set of pictures were taken on the side of the road some years ago (I can’t remember the exact location), the second set of pictures has been taken in the area of a village called ‘de Zilk’ close to Lisse. Enjoy!

If you go there sometime, please do not walk between the tulips to take pictures with them, I have seen people who took flowers home and let kids run in them, this is really not good.

Beautiful tulip fields (and other flowers): they’re pretty, aren’t they?

and these are the pictures I took in April 2021:

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  1. I agree they are lovely pictures. I was lucky enough to visit Keukenhof during the tulip season, and they have such beautiful flower arrangements, it is worth it!

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