Netherlands: go see the surprising Bolwoningen in den Bosch

Have you heard of the Bolwoningen in den Bosch (short name for the city of ‘s-Hertogenbosch) in the province of Noord Brabant in the Netherlands? they are spherical houses designed by the sculptor and industrial designer Dries Keijlkamp. The houses were built in 1984 with polymer fiberglass reinforced cement.They are meant for single people or couples without children, and the total ground floor of each bowl housing is 55m2. The windows are facing south east to allow as much light as possible to come in.

The informational website is only in Dutch…

Would you live in one of those?

Note: the specialty of the city is a chocolate ball filled with whipped cream and covered with chocolate fondant ice cream… called Bossche Bollen … The original and best bakery selling them is Bakery Jan de Groot, don’t miss to try them out ! There’s always a big queue in front of it. That says a lot !

My pictures of the Bolwoningen in den Bosch:


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