Netherlands: see cube houses in Helmond

When people think about cube houses, they think about Rotterdam. Well there is another place in the Netherlands where they can be seen, and that’s in Helmond! not very far from Eindhoven, and not far from my home. In both towns, they have been designed by architect Piet Blom, and built in the mid 70’s in Helmond and later in Rotterdam.

So… want to see cube houses but have no time to go to Rotterdam? ?
On top of that, Helmond is a very cute town! They can be seen in several places in the town, here are a the very first 3 built in 1974 and 1975: There are others in another part of the city (total of 18).

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  1. It’s true I was only thinking about Rotterdam too, that’s good to know. For those who are passionate about it, there is also a cube house in Toronto, inspired by those in the Netherlands.

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