Netherlands: check out this cute little white church on a hill in Leidschenveen (the Hague)

A little white church on a hill?

How cute!

If you had told me this landscape was shot in the Netherlands, I would have said.. no way!

First, there are no real hills here, everything is pretty flat. So a little white church on a hill?

Well yes. It’s actually on a man-made mound, East of the Hague (den Haag), in the village of Leidschenveen. It’s called ‘de terp van Leidschenveen‘, and it’sย  really worth a little stop for some picture taking and waking around.ย  The view from up there is pretty!

Mounds like this one are in place in order to get protected from floods and attacks, and this chapel build on top of this one is a piece of art made by Kolks and Lohuis in 2009. The door was closed but it seems to be empty inside anyway.

I went during the day (mid-day….) but it’s probably good to check it out at sunrise or sunset, I didn’t have the best light but I couldn’t stop at another moment. Maybe I’ll go back someday!ย  You can park right in the street, just put ‘de terp van Leidschenveen’ in the GPS and it will take you right there! or go by tram and walk 15 minutes from the Leidschenveen stop.

Some day-time pictures of the little white church on a hill:

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