Netherlands: spot Scottish highlanders in the Lentevreugd nature reserve in Wassenaar

Did you know you can see Scottish highlanders in the Netherlands? Well, indeed it’s possible, putting in your GPS “Lentevreugd”. You will get onto a parking lot by the Dutch dunes and you can then enter the nature reserve which is actually a field, with Scottish cows and Wild Horses (Koniks). The sign clearly mentions it’s at your own risk! and that shouldn’t approach them at less than 25 meters (82 feet). Indeed when a herd starts running you’d better not be close by. You’ll need to walk a bit to find them, depending on where they are. I focus this post today on the cattle ! You are in the Netherlands and want to see Scottish cows and are by car? then set your GPS and go!

Here are the Scottish Highlanders in that reserve, there were quite some babies when I visited yesterday! aren’t they cute?


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  1. Jโ€™adore ! Les photos sont superbes !

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