Peru: walk on the Incas footsteps at the Machu Picchu

I was excited to hike the Inca trail in Peru and had booked everything, when a couple of weeks before arriving in Peru, I had issues with my feet which did not allow me to do that kind of a walk. Anyway, just like many, I took the Inca Rail to see the beautiful citadel of Machu Picchu.

As I got there early in the morning, the mist was slowly getting blown away to let us see the magnificent city of the Incas. On that day, we got a glimpse of sun, and a quite heavy rain as well. It was in the month of December and there were not too many tourists around.

I do not often go back to the same place, but I must say the Machu Picchu is a place I would gladly get back to! It added up to my list of 7 new world wonders. As I’m writing this today, I have now seen the 7 of them.

Some views of the beautiful Machu Picchu:

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