Poland: connect with nature at the Bialowieza forest

We planned with a friend to visit Belarus, we were all ready to fly, but at the moment of check-in from the Vilnius airport, we were told my friend could not board! Belarus changed the entry requirements for Indians, and as my friend became grounded in Lithuania, I decided to stay with her.ย  Sometimes, the unexpected brings the best travel experiences !

We rented a car and drove down to Poland, to the Bialowieza forest, a UNESCO world heritage site. This forest is one of the largest in Europe, going over Poland and Belarus, and is home to a few hundreds European bisons. We spent several days in the area, waking up at 3 o’clock each morning to catch.ย  Check out their website !

My pictures of the Bialowieza forest:

The early morning mists:Bia?owie?a forest Poland morning mistBia?owie?a Poland morning mist sunriseBia?owie?a forest morning mist Poland

The marvelous sunrises:Bia?owie?a forest sunrise in the early morningtrees in Bia?owie?a forest at sunriseBia?owie?a7Bia?owie?a Poland sunrise

The wild garlic fields:wild garlic field in Bia?owie?a forest PolandBia?owie?a14white garlic field in Bia?owie?a forest Poland

The forest:sun in Bia?owie?a forest Poland
Bia?owie?a forest Poland

The wildlife:deer in the mist, Bia?owie?a forest, PolandBia?owie?a European bisons wildflife Poland

The locals:Bia?owie?a Poland local horse carriage

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