Albania: visit the Resurrection Cathedral complex in Tirana

On my last day visiting Tirana, I tumbled on the Resurrection Cathedral (Katedralja Ngjallja e Krishtit in Albanian) as I was walking around the city. It is a beautiful orthodox church with an autonomous bishop. It is the largest in Albania and it actually happens to be one of the largest in the Balkans, the third one, to be precise. It is right in the center of Tirana, between the Skanderbeg Square and the Rinia Park. It is quite a modern building complex, and it is standing there since 2012. They support the community and you can find there: 3 chapels including the one of the Nativity, a 46 meter high bell tower, a library/bookstore, a cultural center, and also a small museum.

Some of my pictures of the Resurrection Cathedral in Tirana:

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  1. I was there in September last year. The architecture is quite strange, different from the typical orthodox churches in the region. But all over the centre of Tirana there are buildings with innovative lines, the competition is strong.

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