Romania: climb up to the intriguing and real Dracula castle in Poenari

Which is the real Dracula Castle? Bran is considered to be the Dracula Castle on all tourism boards, and it is extremely touristic indeed. On my quest to step on Dracula’s footsteps, I visited it, but I also went to Poenari, as it could be the REAL Dracula castle. Well, from having visited both, Poenari was feeling much more like a place Dracula would have lived, compared to Bran and its souvenir shops. On my visit to Poenari, it was me, my friend, the trees, and the fortress. Could the myth have been true?

We got there at the end of the afternoon, the sun was getting down and it was about 1 hour before the place was going to close. We climbed up the stairs quite quickly (take your breath, there are about 1500 steep steps to climb) and reached the top. According to the book of Bram Stoker about the world’s most famous vampire, Poenari is *the* one. So don’t miss it on a visit in Transylvania! and if you visit both the Bran and Poenari castles, you then have most probably visited the real Dracula castle…

Here are my pictures of the real Dracula castle!

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