Netherlands: go through the silly walk tunnel in Eindhoven

Are you a Monty Python fan? If so, go through the silly walk tunnel while in Eindhoven! by bike or on foot.

The mural, in a 130 meters long tunnel (Dommel Tunnel), was realized by the graffiti artists of Studio Giftig and opened in April 2016 with the presence of John Cleese himself. The mural has 2 drawings of John Cleese, one on each side, from the Monty Python’s Flying Circus “Ministry of Silly Walks” sketch, and drawings of various stages of the walk.

Not a Monty Python fan, and no idea what I’m talking about? that’s OKay. Watch this video, or you can just bike or walk through the tunnel! or have FUN and mimic every single movement… (there are 48 steps in total)

Some pictures of the silly walk tunnel in Eindhoven: (I made a video while biking too! below)

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