Germany: walk on Tiger & Turtle magic mountain in Duisburg

Have you heard of Tiger & Turtle?

I hadn’t until a little while ago. It’s in Germany and luckily just about 1 hour from my place, it’s located on a little hill called Magic Mountain in the Angerpark just south of Duisburg, and it is an art structure and landmark in the area. It is actually like a roller coaster where you can walk on! There are handrails to help you.ย  Of course you can’t do the whole loop or Mrs. Gravity will call you back down, there are some doors to prevent access to the loop. It is really unique and a fun place to visit!
It was designed by Ulrich Genth and Heike Mutter and it’s there since 2011. It is really really cool to walk on! but if you easily get dizzy because of the height, I wouldn’t recommend going on the staircase. The view is pretty cool from there! (if you like factories, that is…)

Some of my pictures of Tiger & Turtle (well actually I have hundreds more but that will do for now!):

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