Peru: experience the mysterious Nazca lines

The Nazca lines between Arequipa and Lima in Peru, are a definite must-see. They were created between 500BC and 500AD, and scientists still wonder how they were created, as they can only be seen from the air. Fascinating, isn’t it?

Though, there is something that shouldn’t be done before taking a flight over the Nazca lines, and that is to spend the previous night in the desert (too much Pisco!!). I went to take that flight in 2013 after a wonderful previous night trying out local drinks and sleeping outdoors watching the stars (amazing!).  Surviving that flight was a challenge…. the noise of the flight, the movements, and looking by the window for once did not make me happy to fly, I wonder why ;-). I did see the lines and geoglyphs, but did not enjoy the experience fully.

If you have it on your bucket list to see this UNESCO World Heritage site (and you should), don’t do like me! and once there, who knows, maybe you’ll come up with a theory explaining one of the biggest unsolved mysteries of history.

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