Iceland: earn an epic scenery in Sólheimasandur

It was a month of April. As Iceland was slowly getting out of the winter times and the sun timidly tried to make an appearance, that day was just a flat day of drizzle. And that was fine, because it made the experience even more epic.

Have you ever tried to walk 4 km on black sand / volcanic rocks under the rain? because it’s not possible to drive there, and finding the path to get there is also a sport as there is no road sign.

Well it does take a while… but that’s the price to pay to get to the beach where that DC US Navy flight lays after running out of fuel in 1973.  The plane has been laying on the Sólheimasandur beach, abandoned ever since, and it’s an epic scenery.

It’s definitely worth the walk there! (and back..)

My pictures of the plane wreck in Iceland:

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