Peru: experience the highest navigable lake in the world in Lake Titicaca

At about 3810 meters high, the Lake Titicaca is the highest navigable lake in the world.

Unfortunately, I found the place is made for tourists. Of course the money earned benefits the community, but locals dress for you, dance for you, have you dance with them… and try to sell you something. It was a must for me to go there, and I’m happy I did, still. The highlight of the trip was the homestay in a local family on Amantani island. They had an absolutely lovely little girl and I could play with her. The amount of smiles she gave me filled my heart with joy. I went for a walk on the island with the locals, and watched other tourists try to compete with locals at playing football, at this altitude!

The Lake Titicaca is on the tentative list for being listed a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Some of my pictures and videos of my visit to lake Titicaca :


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